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June 6, 2011

Dear Parents,

The Universal Education Group welcomes all the parents and students. We are looking forward to a very fruitful and productive school year. As usual we continue to strive in our mission to provide the best possible educational program for our students. We, at Universal always keep ourselves abreast with the latest trends in the field of education and based on that we upgrade our facilities. Our aim is to bring about a holistic development in the child. All the activities in the academic year 2011-2012 will be planned and executed with this aim. The school is focused in providing a congenial and warm environment that is conducive for teaching, learning and for the overall development of the students.

Ø    Our Evaluation System:

·         There will be regular weekly Class Evaluations for Std. I to V.

·         A copy of the syllabus completed will be given regularly.

·         Before the Assessments, students will be given revision through practice worksheets.

Ø  Kindly note the following:

·         Students are required to come in full school uniform- with shoes, socks and ID cards throughout the academic year.

·         Please label your child’s raincoat/umbrella with Name, Std and Div to avoid chaos during the monsoon season. Students will be allowed to wear black floaters on rainy days only.

·         Parents are required to leave their child at the gate. Parents are not allowed to meet students during school hours.

·         Please make sure that your child comes to school on time. Students are required to report 5 minutes before time.

·         Reporting time to school is 1:00 p.m. and dispersal time from school is 6:00 p.m.

·         Half day leave will not be granted.

·         Tiffin box, books and all materials should be sent with the children while coming to school in the morning. Any material brought to school during working hours will not be accepted.

·         Please send the necessary material for projects whenever required.

·         Sharpeners are not allowed to be used in school premises. Kindly send four very well sharpened pencils and one eraser everyday to school.

Ø  School  Handbook:-

·         The School Handbook will be given shortly. Please read it carefully and abide by all the rules and regulations of the school.

·         You are required to fill in the required information and sign.

·         The School Handbook must be checked by the parents daily and should be brought to school everyday by the students.

·         You are required to use the pages provided in the Handbook for Parent’s message if you wish to send any message to the teacher/ coordinator.

Ø   Time-Table:-

·         The Class Time-Table will be given shortly. Kindly send books as per the TimeTable only.

·         As per the teacher’s instructions certain books/stationery items etc. will be kept in school. This will help in making our students bags lighter.

·         Corrected note books/ worksheets will be sent home regularly, kindly check and sign.

·         The P.E. Uniform is to be worn on the days as specified in the Time-Table.


Ø  Library:-

Students have a Library period once a week. Library books will be given in this period. Kindly return the books in good condition every week to avoid any penalty charges.

Ø  Smart Class System:-


All our classrooms are equipped with 42”Plasma Screens and the very innovative Smart Class System. This audio visual aid will be used regularly in the teaching process which will enhance the entire learning experience of our children.

Ø  Life Skills:-


Life skills will form an important part of our teaching learning program. Students will be taught age appropriate soft skills during this period which will help them to develop into confident individuals.

Ø  Counseling:-

We have counselling facilities for our students and parents. Take benefit of these services if you face any problem in parenting or with your child’s studies. You can meet our school counsellor by making a prior appointment with her.

Ø  Theme of the Year:-Global Citizenship – Learning For a Better World.

 This theme has been introduced with an aim to foster sensitivity towards global issues in children at an early age and make them responsible Global Citizens. Throughout the year theme activities will be conducted towards achieving this goal.

Successful kids and successful schools usually share a secret ingredient: Supportive Parents! Here are some ways you can be involved in your child’s education.

·         Make sure children go to school well prepared & ready to learn: The day starts well if children pack their bags the night before, get plenty of rest and have a good breakfast.

·         Make time for self study: Set up a study area with good lighting and a dictionary. Limit television and help children to form a habit to sit and study for a fixed period of time everyday. Children can review the day’s lesson or read a book for fun. Make reading a daily habit and limit television.

·         Monitor your children’s academic progress: Don’t wait until Report Cards or till the Open Day, to check how your children are doing. Don’t hesitate to contact teachers to find out whether your children are keeping up with assignments.

·         When there’s a problem, work with the school on your child’s behalf: If your child starts to slip academically, take an appointment with the teacher to put together a plan for correcting the problem.

·         Encourage your  children to participate actively in co-curricular activities.

·         Attend School functions: to show your children that you value their school.

·         Encourage your children to be self learners independent of help from adults at home: so that children are able to develop their reasoning, analytical, and application skills.


Henceforth all circulars will be mailed to Parents

I thank all the parents for extending their co-operation, feedback and also for continuously encouraging and motivating us to excel in all areas. Parents are an integral part of any educational institution and in fact, the school and parents are the two guiding lights in a child’s development and progress in life.

I look forward to your continued support and positive feedback to make this Academic year a rewarding and an exciting one for our students. Wishing all our children the very best for the Academic year 2011-2012.

Warm Regards,

Head of School-Primary


S. V. Road, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400 104

Phone: 2874 7474    email: [email protected]




June 6, 2011

Dear Parents,


While several external tests are being taken round the year, this year we would like the students to participate in a National level bench marking test, called ASSET developed by the team of IIM-A Alumni. We are preparing our children for tomorrow and hence it is important for us to understand how well students are learning with the help of experts in this field.


ASSET is a unique test that checks the depth of students’ understanding on every topic. This test is available in English, Maths, Science, for students of Stds. III- V at a cost of Rs. 150/- per subject.


The test consists only of multiple choice questions (based on previous years curriculum) and provides feedback on students’ vocabulary levels, their ability to comprehend texts in varied formats, apply the concepts taught in real life situations and develop a love for learning and understanding new things.


The detailed reports provided by ASSET are comprehensive and helps the parent and teacher understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses.


I am quite convinced that students will not only enjoy doing this test as it is stress free and requires no prior preparation.

Your consent is important and hence the following slip needs to be signed and handed over to Ms. Meena Dembla by July 1, 2011 between 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon and 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.


Yours truly,





……………………………………………………Please cut here  …………………………………………..………………………………


Yes, I want my child (Name) ____________________________________ of Class ___ Div __ to participate in ASSET.  The subjects are as follows:





English                                       Maths                                           Science

Please find enclosed Rs._______/- (____________________________________________ only) towards the above mentioned subjects @ Rs. 150/- per subject.


Signature  ______________________ Parent’s Name:__________________________________



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