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On every floor fire extinguishers are installed. We intend to install a first grade fire fighting system with fire fighting tanks and hydrants. Furthermore, all our electrical switches are installed above the height of five feet to ensure the safety of our younger students. Fire drills will also be carried out for the students with the help of fire fighting professionals. As we strongly believe in an inclusive philosophy our facilities will be designed to meet the requirements of children with special needs. Our Disaster management educational plan intends to empower our students to handle unforeseen eventualities.


In case of an unfortunate incident we have made plans to build a medical room for first aid purpose.


Our Public Address system is used to make announcements, signal commencement/end of important periods & emergency notifications.


As part of our policy we will not serve junk food or aerated drinks. Instead our aim is to serve healthy meals created by a nutritionist for our students. Our cafeteria will have open, semi-covered and covered seating. The canteen personnel are to be kept informed regularly by way of workshops on hygienic cooking methods conducted by a qualified doctor.




This space has a wave slide, jungle gym, multi climbers and a plunge pool for the young ones. It is said that this space has the greatest numbers of smiles per square feet.



Sports and physical activity are an essential component of any educational endeavor. Following from our belief that every child has intrinsic potential, students are groomed to participate in sporting activities. We have tie-ups with reputed sports clubs and play grounds in our locality to provide our students essential physical opportunities. Inter-school competitions are treated with appropriate seriousness and students learn to make winning a part of their lives.

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