At St. John’s Universal School, co-curricular activities form an integral part of the daily schedule and aim to hone intrinsic talents of students. We base our planning of these activities on the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Harward Gardner, giving due exposure to students in all different bits of intelligence so that we are able to identify their area of interest and nurture that towards excellence. We offer the following co-curricular activities in our school:


Students of Class I to VIII are offered Music as a co-curricular subject in their time table. The objective is to pamper the musical rhythmic intelligence and identify and nurture the musicality of students. The very talented music teachers train students in light classical and western music.



To nurture the bodily kinesthetic intelligence of students from class Nursery to VIII, dance classes are conducted by the best institute in the field of dance, Shiamak Davar Education. The age-specific and well-designed dance curriculum is delivered to students by the instructors from Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts culminating into magnificent, larger than life Annual day celebrations.

Art and Craft

Visual and Naturalistic intelligence of children can be enhanced if they are trained to express themselves through Art and Creative Activities of Craft. All students have imparted the skills of creative expressions through class and age-appropriate art forms and craft techniques.


Life Skills

The development of life skills helps students to find new ways of thinking and problem solving, build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation. These skills form an imperative part of a child’s life and so are plotted as a period in the time table for all classes Nursery to XII.


The Dramatic Play area welcomes every child to interact with puppets, props and disguises that help to develop your child’s self-image as he adopts varied roles


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