Theme of the Year

At Universal, we believe that education is the process of nurturing our students into confident and successful individuals. Today, young people have a wide range of possibilities ahead of them, including working for others, starting their ventures and contributing to the global community. All of these options require an in-depth knowledge of their chosen discipline, as well as critical thinking, problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, experience in teamwork and adaptability to an ever-changing environment.

These skills are the cornerstones of entrepreneurship education, which prepare students to identify and address challenges and opportunities. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a progressive educational institution to focus on teaching students the entrepreneurial mindset along with teaching academic subjects like Mathematics, Science or History.

In the academic year 2019-2020, we are going to focus on imparting knowledge about the following essential and fundamental entrepreneurial skills:

  • Self-confidence: Having trust in one’s abilities and potentials with the emphasis on strengths and not weaknesses.
  • Resilience and durability: Learning that pain, failure and disappointments are as essential as joy and success. Our focus will be on helping students to accept and overcome challenges.
  • Problem-solving: Cultivating the ability to focus and tackle a problem using analytical evaluation to form judgments and trusting their innate problem-solving abilities for autonomous decision-making.
  • Creativity and innovative thinking: Creative thinking is the key to innovation. Our world is changing so rapidly that people need to be innovative to stay ahead of the curve and be successful. Our focus will be on thinking differently and in multiple ways to solve problems.
  • Goal setting: Formulating effective goals and seeing them through to fruition is essential for entrepreneurship – what gets measured, gets done. Our focus will be on teaching realistic goal setting with timelines.
  • Initiative: Taking the first action towards accomplishing a goal; action to complete something, create something better or achieve something bigger. The focus will be on encouraging action plans towards the realisation of dreams and opportunities.
  • Empathy: Establishing meaningful relationships is vital for attaining success in leadership responsibilities. Our focus will be on understanding, respecting and getting connected with diverse sets of people. We expect parents to join us in this endeavour and enable our students to acquire these much-needed skills for a happy and successful life ahead.
Theme of the Year

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