12 Jun

Grades I and II

SOUS-P/I-& II 001/2015-2016                                                                                     Date: 12/06/2015 


Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

                                                                                                       ~ Margaret Mead.


Dear Parents,

Silver Oak Universal welcomes all students and parents to yet another exciting year. We are looking forward to a very fruitful and productive 2015-16. As usual we continue to strive in our mission to provide the best possible educational program for our students. Our aim is to bring about a holistic development in the child and all the activities will be planned and executed with this aim.

Kindly find below certain information that will give you a better insight in school routines and functioning.


Theme of the year:

Global Citizenship – Creating a Clean and Caring World Through Our Classrooms.

This theme has been introduced with an aim to foster sensitivity towards global issues in children at an early age. It is inherent to the understanding of Global Citizenship that we acknowledge our responsibilities both to the globe as well as the local community to which we are more strongly connected and by which we are more frequently affected. We, at Universal, shall endeavour to achieve this goal through our curricular as well as our extra-curricular activities which are designed for students in an age appropriate manner.


The usual day begins with the Assembly wherein children say their daily prayers. Focus on special days, value education, character building and age appropriate news form a part of the Assembly.

School Handbook:

  • Please read the school Handbook carefully and abide by all the rules and regulations of the school.
  • You are required to fill in the required information and sign.

Uniform and Belongings:

  • Students are required to attend school in complete uniform with ID card. They should always be neat and smart in their dressing.
  • P. ED. Uniform is to be worn on the days mentioned in the time–table.
  • During winters, students are required to wear only plain black coloured cardigan or sweater.
  • All personal belongings of students must be labelled with name, Grade and Division.


Meal time:

  • Parents are requested to send lunch with students. Please do not give any liquid food items or junk food.
  • Canteen facilities are available and coupons will be issued from the school office between 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.


Visiting Days:

  • All teachers are available on Visiting days. Schedule is mentioned in the Handbook.
  • Kindly attend the Visiting Days as per the timeslots that would be given to you.
  • You may meet teachers or Heads on any other day through a prior appointment. Kindly use Parent interaction pages of the Handbook or school email for setting up an appointment.


Intimation to school office:

Kindly intimate the school office immediately in case of change in personal details like address, mobile numbers, change of work place etc.



  • Punctuality and regularity is essential at all times for success in school.
  • No half day leave is granted from school.



Things to be brought to school:


  • Books arranged as per the time table.
  • Handbook and G-Book
  • 4 sharpened pencils, colour box and 1 eraser. Please do not send a sharpener.
  • Tiffin box, Napkin and water bottle.





Teacher will label the subject books (note books and text books) in their short forms as per the following:-

English Text book – Lit. A                               

English Note book – Lit. B

Hindi Text book – Hin. A                                

Hindi Note book – Hin. B

Math Text book – MA                                      

Math Note book – MB

E.V.S. Text book – EVS A

E.V.S. Notebook – EVS B

Sadabahar Hindi Copywriting book – SB                                    

     English Dictation note book – ED

     Hindi Dictation note book – HD

     Rough book – G-Book


Reading and Conversation Programme:


  • Grade level Reading and Conversation Programme is followed in Grades I and II. Specific Reading and Conversation Periods are allotted in the time table.
  • Students should also practice reading on a daily basis at home.
  • Parents are required to maintain the Home Reading Record on a daily basis in the Handbook.
  • Students will visit the Library once a week. Kindly ensure that the library book is returned in good condition and in time to avoid penalty.


Audio Visual Teaching – Learning:

School is equipped with Audio visual learning systems which will be used regularly in the teaching process that will enhance the entire learning experience of our students.


Evaluation system for Grades I & II.


Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system – Assessments will be conducted throughout the year. The teacher will take practice and revision before the evaluation test. Schedule will be mailed.

  • English and Hindi dictation will be conducted on Wednesdays every alternate week. Words will be given in the G.book five days prior to the test. (Mention the day as per your school time-table. E.g. Wednesdays)
  • The checked Dictation books will be sent home which should be signed and sent back on the following day to school.




  • Whenever Assignments are allotted, kindly sign and send it on the day of submission.
  • Worksheets need to be filed properly and kept at home.
  • Parents must check and sign the G- Book and Handbook every day for any message from the teacher.



Awards and Co-curricular Activities:


  • Competitions and Activities schedule is given in the Handbook. All the students are encouraged to participate in these activities.
  • Kindly read the Handbook for details of Merit Awards.
  • Interschool activities and events will be notified.


Counselling Department:

We have counseling and remedial education facilities for our students and parents. Take benefit of these services if you face any problem in parenting or with your child’s studies. You can meet the school counsellor by taking prior appointment.


Supportive Parents– Here are some ways you can be involved in your child’s education.

  • The day starts well if children get plenty of rest and have a good breakfast.
  • Make reading a daily habit and limit screen time.
  • Maintain a regular self-study schedule.
  • Monitor your children’s progress.
  • Attend School functions to encourage and motivate your children.

We thank you for your cooperation and continued support.


Our Best,


Authorised Personnel