04 Jul

2015 – 2016

Grade I – V



SOUS-I-V/002/2015-2016                                                                                                 03/07/2015  

Dear Parents,

As part of our ‘Activity Schedule’ we conduct a number of extra-curricular activities to enhance the holistic development and tap the latent creativity amongst the students. This is in continuation with the Orientation Circular you have with you.

The details of the activities are as follows:-








From the above given activities student has to choose any one of the activity. The student will not be allowed to change the activity during the Academic Year.

You are, therefore, required to fill up the enclosed form and send it through your child to the concerned Class Teacher by 8th July, 2015.






                                                                                                                        Date: _______________

The Principal,

Silver Oak Universal School,


I, the parent Mr. / Mrs. _____________________________________________ of Ms./Master _____________________________________ studying in Std. _______________ wish to choose the following activity for my child-


(Please put a tick on any one activity)

Karate                             Skating                              Yoga          




Signature of Parent