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/Cir/SOUS/ICSE                                                                                                          Date: 08/07/2015


Dear Parents,

The Silver Oak Universal School Parent Teacher Association (hereinafter called PTA) is a body consisting of members who are the parents and teachers. The main objective of the PTA is to help enrich the school environment and provide the school management with required support.



The objectives of the PTA are to advance the education and all-round development of the students by extending relationships between teachers, parents and others associated with the School.


Constitution of PTA

  1. Parents / legal guardians of all students should become members of PTA. The fees is Rs.50/- per child.
  2. Only those parents, who submit their “Application for Membership form of PTA” along with membership fee Rs.50/- will be eligible to contest and vote in the elections.
  3. The Managing Committee of the PTA will be formed as far as practicable within a period of 2 (two) weeks from the date of formation of the PTA. A notice period of 1 (one) week will be given for formation of the Managing Committee.
  4. The PTA Managing Committee will be elected democratically.
  5. The PTA Managing Committee will consist of the following:-

a. Chairman – Principal of the school.

b. Vice Chairman – from Parent (1)

c. Secretary – from Teaching Staff (1)

d. Joint Secretary (2) – from Parent

e. Members – 1 from every Grade – from Parent, 1 from every Grade – from Teacher


Eligibility Criteria for Managing Committee for PTA

  1. Membership to Managing Committee is for 1 year only. Please note that you can become the member of PTA Managing Committee only once in 3 years.
  2. 1 Member from the Parent/ Legal Guardian will be from Schedule Caste category.
  3. 50% Members shall be women.


Election Process:

For Membership of Managing Committee of PTA

  1. Elections for the Managing Committee will be announced after the PTA is formed.
  2. Upon formation of the PTA, the School Management will invite nominations from candidates for the post of members of Managing Committee of the PTA.
  3. The school management will give a notice period of 1 (one) week for filing of nominations.
  4. Upon completion of the 1 (one) week notice period, the School Management will announce the list of candidates based on the eligibility criteria mentioned in the eligibility criteria section.
  5. The School Management will announce the date of elections.
  6. The voting process will be through anonymous ballot process.


For Executive Posts of Managing Committee of PTA

  1. Upon election of the members of the Managing Committee of PTA, members of the committee will nominate parents from the elected members for the post of Vice – Chairman and Joint Secretary.
  2. The members of the Managing Committee will then elect the Vice – Chairman and Joint Secretary through vote of simple majority.


Roles and Responsibility of the PTA:

To see that syllabus as planned be completed. The PTA Managing Committee partakes in assisting the school in planning co-curricular activities and co-operate and assist with such other activities of the school. The committee will oversee that the planned syllabus is completed & will suggest methods to help pupils who are weak in studies. The committee will assist the school in other such issues including ensuring that parents follow the proper code of conduct during visits.

Note: PTA's role is limited to the above mentioned roles and responsibility. PTA and PTA Managing Committee are not permitted to intervene in Day to Day affairs of the school Management.

Code of Conduct:

  1. All communications will be as per the communication policy as mentioned in the communication section.
  2. All PTA meetings will be held at the school.
  3. No meeting will be held under auspices of PTA outside the school or in a public place without the approval of School Management.
  4. The name of the PTA and the names of any members, in their official capacities, shall not be used in connection with any commercial concern or for purpose not related to promotion of the objectives of the PTA.
  5. No PTA member will communicate with any outside organization or persons in their official capacities without expressed permission of the school management or a resolution of the PTA Management Committee.
  6. The PTA is not expected to contravene policies or decisions of the School Management.
  7. At no times will obnoxious, aggressive behaviour, abusive language or character assaults be permitted. In the event that such practices are indulged in, the PTA management committee member will not be permitted to attend any further PTA meetings.
  8. The PTA is not a platform for personal advancement or as a means to score favours with the Management & Teachers.
  9. No special treatment is meted out to any Executive Committee member. Members follow ALL the rules and observe ALL the regulations laid down by the school and listed in the school Handbook, as well as those implied tacitly or explicitly by the school authorities- such as entry into the school, timings for meeting teachers, coordinators, principal, director, trustees etc. Parents should be modestly and appropriately attired at all times in the school.
  10. No access to the Mailing List can be had under any pretext.
  11. If any classes are taught or workshops conducted by members, then it is done purely voluntarily with no monetary or other remuneration expected.


PTA Meetings:

  1. PTA Meetings will be held on six monthly basis or as and when the need arises.
  2. Prior notice period of 1 (one) week for the meeting will be given to all members.
  3. Members need to inform their points of agenda to the Secretary at least 2 (two) days prior to the meeting.
  4. Point not on the agenda will not be discussed during the meeting.
  5. Quorum must include the Chairman, Secretary and at least 3 parents and 3 teachers of the Managing Committee.


Vacancies and Replacements:

  1. Upon resignation of any standing member of the PTA Managing committee, the School Management will fill vacancy by appointment. The appointed person shall serve only the remaining time that the original committee member would have served.
  2. Any vacancies during nomination for the election of PTA Managing Committee will be filled by the School Management by appointment.
  3. The PTA managing committee has the right to replace any member who violates the code of conduct and communication and appoint a replacement by selection for the remaining tenure of the committee.



  1. All communication by PTA members in their official capacities will be addressed to the PTA Managing Committee only.
  2. All communication by PTA Managing Committee members to the School Management will be in writing after due process of passing of resolution by the appropriate quorum at PTA meeting after it is completed.



  1. The PTA is a non-profit making body and all funds raised or held by the PTA are solely used for meeting the objectives of the PTA. All committee members and appointed or elected officials act in an honorary capacity, and no member of the PTA shall receive any remuneration or payment other than refund of previously-authorised expenditures.
  2. All expenditures of the PTA fund need to be approved by the managing committee through a majority vote.


Alterations to Constitution

No alterations to this constitution shall be proposed or adapted by the members without prior written approval of the School Management.


Dissolution of PTA

  1. The PTA will be automatically dissolved at the end of the academic year.
  2. The PTA managing committee will hand over all PTA accounts, cheque books, bank books and signing authority to the Principal of the school for safe keeping.



Parents are requested to collect “PTA Membership Form” from the school office and submit the "Application for Membership Form of PTA" along with Rs. 50/-membership fee between 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m. on or before the 13th of July 2015.