04 Jul

SOUS-S/FL/2015-2016/02                                                                                           3rd July 2015


Dear Parents,

Learning a foreign language is always an added advantage in today’s changing times. It does give you an edge over your peers! In view of the same our school has made it possible to give our students a choice of any one of the following languages: French or German.


The faculty has experience abroad, is trained and competent to educate our students to the best possible learning of these languages. Though it is an option, it is advisable to enroll for a foreign language to have an added advantage, an edge over other individuals in this ever competing world.


The student may enroll in Grade III and eventually upgrade to Grade VIII.


As always, be a parent of encouragement to your child to learn new things and attempt new opportunities for progressive growth as a child, who is nurtured for life skills with us.

As a Parent for you to know:

Last Date for enrolment: Tuesday, 07th July 2015

Foreign Language Fees: Rs.1200 for One Academic Year

To be paid in one installment of Rs.1200/- by cheque in favor of Evolve Activity Centre. The parents are required to send cheque along with the confirmation slip, before the last date of enrolment, to the Class Teacher.

Please mention your Child’s Name, Grade, and Division overleaf the cheque submitted. 


Our Best,


Authorized Personnel


(Please tear and submit to the respective Class Teacher after filling the details)



The Authorized Personnel

Silver Oak Universal School,


Sub: Choice of Foreign Language


I want to enroll my child Master / Miss __________________________________________

Grade:  _____     Div: _____ Section:   ICSE/SSC (Cheque No.: _______________)

Foreign Language Chosen: (please tick one)   French/German


_____________________________           ____________________                ________________

Name of the Parent/Guardian                       Signature                                 Date