Silver Oak School, a pioneer in the field of innovation and use of technology for education, is a school where everyone and anyone who wishes to pursue excellence in education is welcomed. The experience of studying here is universal. We not only believe in preparing our students to be leaders within the national boundary but also to spread their wings further and have an international perspective. Our students are a part of the bigger picture; the global knowledge oriented fraternity, and they are trained to treat the citizens of the globe as their kinsfolk. Our effort is always focused on building the student’s confidence and demeanour to be a self-learner in any part of the world and at any time in life. The role of Silver Oak School is to draw out as well as enhance the self-worth of all its tutees and transform them into responsible individuals with high self-esteem who would contribute fully to the world they inhabit.

With the rapid increase in knowledge and the zillions of options available, we have created an explosion of knowledge and learning in our campuses and are striving every moment to elevate our role as the architects of the new generation. The three-dimensional approach to learning and the sound guiding principles pioneered by the Universal Education direct us in fulfilling this objective. They help us not only to be humble about our achievements but to constantly upgrade our own learning. We intend to provide the education that strengthens the child and also foster its emotional well-being, the education that makes it an active seeker of knowledge, the education that enhances his compassion for each and every member of the human family; thus creating the real global citizens for the world.